Popular Renovation Styles and Designs in Atlanta Region

Popular Renovation Styles and Designs in Atlanta Region

When it comes to renovating a home in the Atlanta region, homeowners have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. However, certain styles and designs have become particularly popular in the area. In this guide, we will take a deeper look into the most popular renovation styles and designs specific to the Atlanta region and provide tips on how to incorporate them into your own renovation project. With the help of a professional Atlanta contractor, like Pinnacle Building Group, you can create a home that is both beautiful and functional.

Southern Colonial Style

Southern Colonial House

Let’s start by discussing the traditional architectural style that dominates Atlanta. Large columns, symmetrical facades, and opulent entryways define this architectural style, sometimes known as “Southern Colonial.” Although it can be incorporated into both new construction and remodeling projects, this style is frequently found in older properties in the area. Consider building a symmetrical facade or adding stately columns to the front of your property to incorporate a typical Southern Colonial design into your remodel. Pinnacle Building Group will assist you in designing and constructing this historic style with the necessary contemporary facilities.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman Style House

The Craftsman design is another prominent remodeling trend in the Atlanta area. This early 20th-century architectural style is distinguished by its use of raw materials like wood and stone and its emphasis on efficiency and simplicity. If you want to give your makeover a Craftsman feel, think about using stone and wood for the countertops, flooring, and other design components. Also, keep functionality and simplicity in mind when making design decisions. With a practical and straightforward design, Pinnacle Building Group can assist you in building a Craftsman-style home that still has contemporary features like smart home technology, energy efficiency, and more.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style House

In the Atlanta area, the farmhouse design has grown in popularity recently. The emphasis on a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle and the use of rustic materials like reclaimed wood define this design aesthetic. Consider using reclaimed wood for flooring or as a design element in your remodel to provide a farmhouse touch. Additionally, pay attention to furnishing and decorating an area that is friendly and informal. Pinnacle Renovation will assist you in designing a farmhouse-style home that incorporates contemporary features like open floor plans, a modern kitchen, and bathrooms while still being cozy and practical.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern Style House

The mid-century modern style of remodeling is another well-liked remodeling trend in Atlanta. This mid-20th century design trend is distinguished by its use of natural materials, clean lines, and geometric shapes. Consider employing simple lines and geometric shapes in your design elements, such as furniture and lighting fixtures, to incorporate a mid-century modern look into your remodel. Additionally, to make a cozy and welcoming living environment, use natural elements like wood and stone. Pinnacle Building Group can assist you in designing a warm and welcoming mid-century modern home while combining contemporary features like energy efficiency, smart home technology, and more.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style House

Finally, people from Atlanta love the contemporary aesthetic just as much. The use of clean lines, basic design, and impartial color schemes define this fashion. Consider employing simple design, neutral color schemes, and clean lines throughout your home while renovating for a contemporary look. Using clean, basic, and neutral design elements, Pinnacle Building Group can assist you in building a contemporary home that yet includes contemporary features like energy efficiency, smart home technology, and more.

Therefore, residents in Atlanta can choose from a variety of styles and ideas while renovating their homes. Traditional Southern Colonial, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, and Contemporary remodeling trends are common in the region.

You may design a home that is both lovely and practical by being aware of the traits of these designs and knowing how to apply them to your own restoration project. Additionally, you can make sure that your remodeling job is executed to the greatest standards and that you end up with a house that you love by working with a qualified Atlanta contractor like Pinnacle Building Group.

Home Renovation Company in Atlanta

The top-rated restoration company in Atlanta, Pinnacle Building Group has years of experience in all kinds of home renovations. Regardless of the type or design you select, we have the experience and understanding to assist you in designing and constructing the home of your dreams. From the early concept stage to the final construction, our team will work closely with you to make sure that your home renovation project is finished on schedule and within your set budget.

Our group of skilled experts, which consists of architects, designers, and builders, will collaborate to realize your idea. We are dedicated to offering the highest standards of customer service and craftsmanship, and they’ll do everything in their power to make sure your home remodeling project is a success.

So don’t wait to get in touch with Pinnacle Building Group if you’re considering renovating your property in Atlanta. We’ll be pleased to guide you through the various possible ideas and styles so you may build a home that is both lovely and practical. In order to design a home that suits your wants and preferences, we’ll work with you to understand them.

Pinnacle Building Group has the know-how and experience to make it happen whether you want a traditional Southern Colonial, Craftsman, farmhouse, mid-century modern, or contemporary home. Don’t put off planning your dream home renovation project any longer; get in touch with us right away.

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