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Remodel your kitchen to withstand all the traditions, messes, and memories you’ll create. Once you enter your new kitchen remodel in Atlanta by Pinnacle Building Group & Renovations, you will immediately feel at home—from birthdays and Thanksgiving dinners to surprise parties, Super Bowl, or doing schoolwork at the kitchen counter.

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Make Your Kitchen Remodel the Centerpiece of Your Home

Cooking in an outmoded kitchen makes it difficult to act like a celebrity chef. An expensive and time-consuming tragedy might result from a DIY makeover attempt. For a pleasant experience, cost efficient, and captivating culinary results, remodel your kitchen in Atlanta with the help of a qualified contractor.

By working with the experts at Pinnacle Building Group & Renovations, you can be sure that your kitchen will be enhanced, your home’s worth will rise, and the interior design of your house will look much better overall. Let us assist you if the functionality or aesthetic requirements of your kitchen aren’t being met.

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With 20+ years of kitchen remodel experience, our team of skilled designers and craftsmen have the expertise to complete any kitchen remodel, from simple tweaks to extensive renovations. We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision becomes a reality, and our commitment to high quality and attention to detail ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.

Our Kitchen Remodel Services Include:

We offer custom designs for our kitchen remodel Atlanta sevices.

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta


We offer a wide range of styles and finishes to suit any aesthetic and budget. Custom made just for your home.

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta


Choose from a variety of materials, including quartz, granite, and marble, to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen island.

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta


Add a pop of color and texture to your kitchen with our beautiful backsplash options.

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta


Upgrade to high-end appliances to enhance your kitchen's functionality, storage space, and efficiency.

Kitchen Remodel Atlanta


Select from a range of materials, including wood, tile, and vinyl, to add warmth and character to your space.

Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

One of the best home improvements you can make is a kitchen renovation. This is also the most expensive renovation you can make. Getting a quote from a home contractor is necessary to determine the actual cost of remodeling your kitchen. Square footage, features, plumbing costs, appliances, and other elements will all affect the price.

You can also discuss your budget with your kitchen remodeling contractor and see what can be done within that price range. The best way for a contractor to clarify what is feasible at each price is when you work with them one-on-one. A professional will also be aware of the local competition that affects prices in your area.

To assist you more accurately in estimating the cost of your kitchen remodels, there are a few estimates available. A 12 by 16-foot kitchen, for instance, might cost $50,000 to $75,000 to build. These renovations often entail a mid-range makeover with new appliances, semi-custom cabinetry, granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and minimal structural work.

Don’t worry if your budget isn’t that large. When you collaborate with a house contractor, you can also find ways to save expenses and incorporate less expensive amenities.

Because it depends on a few distinct factors, the answer isn’t as straightforward as a specific number of days or weeks. For instance, a complete kitchen redesign will take longer to complete than simply putting in new flooring or new cabinets.

If you were to put a rough timeframe on it, you would discover that a typical kitchen remodeling project would take somewhere between 3 and 9 weeks. This can, of course, be sped up with a well-defined design, a reasonable budget, and the correct team, like Pinnacle Renovations, to execute your kitchen remodel.

These projects can take 4 to 5 months to finish in the most extreme situations where the plan is unclear, and the scope of work is extensive. But with careful planning and competent staff, this may be easily avoided.

While this may seem a little intimidating, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you’ll get a gorgeous new kitchen that is both well-designed and more functional than ever.

Finding the ideal contractor for your kitchen remodel is the first step in the process. Whether you have a positive or negative experience depends on the house contractor you choose to work with. A dependable kitchen remodeling contractor will assist you in selecting the layout, fixtures, and other options that match your budget. However, you shouldn’t make your choice just based on price.

You must locate a contractor you can believe in. One of the major expenditures you can make will be handled by your contractor, who will spend a lot of time in your house. Checking the contractor’s references and online evaluations is one of the finest ways to determine their dependability.

Examine online evaluations and request references from every contractor you consider hiring. These evaluations will enable you to decide more effectively whether your potential contractor is reliable, competent, and, ultimately, the best choice for your kitchen remodel.

When remodeling a kitchen, there are many different strategies to reduce costs. You might request a few areas where you can assist your home contractor as you work together. A strategy that both you and your contractor can follow should be your starting point. You and your partner can come up with strategies to save money, whether it be through material selection, painting assistance, or the use of less expensive appliances.

Here are a few realistic strategies to cut costs when remodeling your kitchen:

Painting Cabinetry

Painting or refinishing the cabinetry is one method homeowners can use to reduce the cost of their kitchen renovation. You can avoid spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a brand-new set of cabinets. By taking on the side project yourself or having your contractor finish the cabinetry, you’ll also save money. Painting or retaining your cabinets will save you money no matter what decision you make.

Cheaper Backsplash

You might have to spend more money than you intended on a backsplash. There are less expensive solutions that might look equally as wonderful as more expensive ones. Verify that you consider all of your possibilities. Another way to help (and save money) is to put in the backsplash yourself.

Keeping Appliances

Decide which appliances can stay and which need to go before replacing all of them with modern models. Using your current appliances rather than purchasing completely new ones is an excellent method to reduce the cost of remodeling your kitchen.

Laminating Floorings

Another significant cost associated with a kitchen redesign is flooring. There are less expensive alternatives to buying new hardwood flooring. Your existing hardwood can be resurfaced and stained to restore its original beauty. There are newer laminate tile solutions that look just as nice as hardwood if you don’t have hardwood. Find the one that gives the most while staying within your budget by working with your contractor.

The cost of a kitchen remodel in Georgia varies depending on the size of the kitchen, the materials used, and the extent of the renovation. On average, a kitchen remodel in Georgia can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000.

A realistic budget for a kitchen remodel would depend on the extent of the renovation you want. Generally, a minor kitchen remodel can cost around $10,000 to $20,000, while a major renovation can range from $30,000 to $50,000 or more.

It may be possible to remodel a small kitchen for $5,000, but the extent of the renovation would be limited. This budget may cover cosmetic updates like painting the cabinets or changing the backsplash, but it may not cover significant changes like replacing countertops or cabinets.

$30,000 is a good budget for a standard kitchen remodel in Georgia. With this budget, you can update most or all of the major elements of your kitchen, including cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring.

Popular materials used for kitchen remodeling in Georgia include granite and quartz countertops, hardwood and tile flooring, and custom wood cabinets. Other popular materials include stainless steel appliances, ceramic or glass backsplashes, and under-cabinet lighting.

You can save money on a kitchen remodel by doing some of the work yourself, choosing affordable materials, and avoiding unnecessary changes to the kitchen’s layout. It’s also important to shop around for contractors and get multiple quotes to find the best deal.

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